Community Service

This “Avenue” relates to the activities that Rotarians undertake to improve the quality of life in their community. Particular emphasis is given to helping children, needy families, the aged, the handicapped, and those most in need of assistance. Rotarians strive to promote the ideal of service in their personal, business, and community lives.


  1. Looks at threats to the environment on both a global and community level.
  2. Develops projects involving beautification/clean-up campaigns, clean air, energy resource protection/promotion, forestation, noise abatement, recycling, soil conservation, waste and water management.
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Fund Raising

  1. In cooperation with the Club Service Committee, plans the club’s fundraisers by coordinating ticket sales, developing a theme for the event, assist with event promotion, and gather and assign volunteers to work the event.
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Rotaract / Interact / Early Act

  1. Maintain a connections with any Club sponsored youth Clubs.
  2. Invite youth Club members to participate with Host Club activities.