Areas of Service

Foundation Awards Criteria

To receive an Award Patch for Foundation your Club must satisfy at least 4 of the following criteria:

1. Give more total dollars to the annual fund than last year
2. Achieve a higher per capita annual giving than last year
3. Have 100% participation in Polio+
4. Give more total dollars to Polio+ than last year
5. Minimum of two members attend the Foundation Seminar
6. Your Club earns its annual Grant Certification
7. Your Club has entered your Foundation goals on Rotary Club


Club Service Awards Criteria

To receive an Award Patch for Club Service you must satisfy at least 4 of the following:

  1. Publish a newsletter for your members
  2. Complete a member satisfaction survey and share it with your Board and members.
  3. Appoint a “greeter” for every meeting
  4. Establish or operate a “Red Badge” or similar orientation/engagement program for new members
  5. Establish a planning committee that meets regularly to design each and every Club meeting.
  6. Make sure your President Elect Nominee is elected by your membership BEFORE December 31.
  7. Maintain a WeCare program in your Club
  8. Have a Club Disaster Preparedness Plan


District 5330 Community Service Citation Requirements

The only way we in Rotary can give wings to the motto, ”Service Above Self”, is to be actively involved in Service to the people of our community. In order to receive a citation in this category your Club must complete the required step and at least 4 of the following.


  1. Post story and pictures of one community project on

Additional: (select 4)

  1. Complete at least one community project.
  2. Enter into at least 1 local project partnership with another Rotary Club.
  3. Enter into at least 1 local project partnership with another local organization
  4. Conduct one adult or child literacy project
  5. Prepare and submit your Club’s disaster preparedness plan
  6. Have at least 3 Club members C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Teams) certified.
  7. Participate in Rotarians at Work Day
  8. Get a story in local media about one community service project
  9. Utilize up to 50% of your Club’s DDF in the local community.
  10. Donate a minimum of $250 by whole club either directly to a food bank, or collect food in local community in support of a local pantry.
  11. Have a District “Resolution for Community Service” presented to your club at a City Council meeting.


International Award Criteria

Available Awards;

A. International Service Patch:

Club must satisfy at least 4 of 11 service areas listed below

B. Certificate of Merit

Awarded for participation in multiple areas of focus with recognition for each area of focus addressed

C. Certificate of Excellence

The Club participating in the most areas of focus with recognition for each area of focus addressed

D. International Crystal Award

Promoting peace and understanding through service.  Awarded to the Club with participation in the most Service Areas below and highest number of Areas of Focus.


Service Areas:

  1.   Participate in a global grant, as host or international partner
  2.   Participate with VTT, in bound or outbound
  3.   Invite or host international partner or Rotarians to educate members
  4.   Travel on a mission to benefit others in the world
  5.   Involve youth in international activity
  6.   Recruit one of more sister clubs
  7.   Participate in one or more areas of focus
  8.   Club represented at the international convention
  9.   Participate with friendship exchange
  10.   Send or host international exchange student
  11.   Participate with a global  scholarship program


Vocational Service Award Criteria

To receive an Vocational Service Award your Club must satisfy 5 of the following:

  1. Sponsor and hold a mock interview day for high school students
  2. Sponsor and hold a job shadowing event for high school students
  3. Provide an Ethics program for your Club members
  4. Honor a local business for demonstrating the ethical tenets of the 4 way test
  5. Organize tours of Club member’s business.
  6. Sponsor a 4way test speech contest
  7. Complete a community service project that includes volunteers and/or sponsorships from local businesses.
  8. Hold a business mixer where local businesses can meet Club Members
  9. Join the local Chamber


Youth Service Award Criteria

To received recognition for Youth Service your club must have the Live Scan Affidavit on file with the district Youth Protection officer.  Please indicate that you have participated in 6 of the following youth activities.

  1. Sponsor a new Earlyact Club
  2. Sponsor a new Interact Club
  3. Sponsor a new Rotoract Club
  4. Sponsor six or more Interact students to the Interact Conference/Asssembly
  5. Send at least six students to RYLA
  6. Send at least one Rotarian to RYLA or PRYDE as Staff or as a Discussion Group Leader
  7. Send at least four students to PRYDE
  8. Sponsor one student inbound or host an outbound for Youth Exchange
  9. Participate in a youth project not listed above.  (Please provide a description of the project.)

Please submit your Club’s criteria no later than April 1st to Neal Dewing via e-mail to .